Edeka Zurheide

With a total area of 12,000 square metres, Europe is unrivalled as a supermarket. Here the visitor is reminded of a gourmet trip on a cruise ship. Ansorg lets the lovingly draped culinary delights shine in the finest light with more than 2,100 lights.

Düsseldorf, Germany

Ansorg provides lighting of the finest for Europe’s new culinary highlight

The free-floating LED lines in the form of a water vortex irresistibly guide guests from the ground floor into the basement, where a selection of fresh baked goods, exquisite wine, exclusive champagne and many other delights enhance the attraction.

The lighting expert once again sees itself as a pilot steering the customer’s gaze through the variety of delicacies.

Whether it is a tasteful restaurant atmosphere, radiant fresh fruit, delicious chocolates, a perfectly illuminated assortment of goods or colourful flower arrangements, Ansorg always ensures the right mood and attention with custom planned light colours, brightness, accentuated light and detailed luminaires.

Project Data

Sales Area12.000 m²
Interior DesignInterstore Design, Düsseldorf
Shop fitterSchweitzer Vertrieb, GmbH
Lighting DesignAnsorg 
PhotographyBoris Golz, Arnsberg
DownloadsProject Sheet


Edeka Zurheide
Berliner Allee 52
40212 Stadtbezirk 1

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Lightstripe Family
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Mona Family
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Coray Family
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Navo Family
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