About us

Creating sales stimuli, accentuating merchandise and inviting the customer: This is what a well thought-out lighting concept in the retail sector does. And this is what has always set Ansorg apart.

Ansorg combines technical know-how with design standards and expertise in lighting design. We use these qualities for one purpose: the promotional staging of your merchandise with the help of design-oriented quality products, innovative lighting control and economical lighting technology.

And such a presentation is always tailor-made. Because the question, “How should customers perceive your store?” must be answered not only with the local conditions, but above all with your brand identity. And that’s what we do every day – for extraordinary brand experiences.

And that’s what we do every day – for extraordinary brand experiences.

»Light is poetry« – and it also works internationally: the image video of the same name was awarded the Silver Dolphin at the Corporate Media & TV Awards in Cannes in 2017.


German Brand Award 2018

We deal with the staging of our customers’ brands and adventure areas on a daily basis. Thus we are aware that a brand is more important than its logo or product. It is the result of customers’ experience with it as a point of contact. All Ansorg employees are brand ambassadors and their behaviour directly or indirectly influences the perception of our brand. Each and every day.

For this reason we are proud to have received the German Brand Award 2018 in »Gold« (Category B2B, Lighting). The jury justified its selection:

» If you compare the Ansorg brand with its profile prior to the relaunch in 2014 and its current appearance, then you can only take your hat off to what has happened in terms of brand work since then. In fact, in recent years, the brand – and thus the company as well – has undergone a comprehensive process of transformation down to the very last detail. This can only be described as exemplary and includes both the company’s public image and presentation as well as internal communication. «