Our mission

Our mission is to help shape the future of retail through innovative lighting. We always think of light holistically, considering its effect on the presentation of goods, a strong and positive perception of the brand identity, and the overall shopping experience. We develop lighting concepts that create future-proof and sustainable retail stores and inspire customers.

A diverse range of projects, mastering a wide range of challenges

We serve the food, fashion, automotive and health & beauty industries, as well as other sectors, delivering pioneering luminaires and lighting concepts.

 From the presentation of food in the food industry, to the staging of garments in the fashion world, we have continuously adapted to the unique requirements of each project. The customer experience, branding, and future viability in retail are our driving forces.


Knowledge, innovation, and customised solutions

In order to fulfil these requirements, we focus on continuous further development. The constantly changing needs within the individual sectors and our examination of the customer experience motivate us to develop new innovations and customised solutions. This is the mandate of the interdisciplinary Ansorg team, combining technical lighting expertise with lighting planning competence and design quality.


Holistic lighting design for retail stores

Our strength lies in concept-based, holistic lighting design for retail stores. We see light not just as a means of presenting goods, but as a tool that strengthens brand identity and influences the entire shopping experience. This approach not only creates retail stores, but also worlds of experience that inspire customers.


LichtRaum: Light is something you have to experience!

Light comes to life in our unique LichtRaum concept. Here we develop live lighting concepts, because we believe that light is something you have to experience. It goes beyond seeing - it's about the experience. And it is precisely this experience that we bring to every retail store we design.


At Ansorg, we are not just trailblazers for the future of retail - we are the light-smiths who will accompany your company safely and innovatively through the retail transformation, allowing you to actively shape change in your industry.

Welcome to a world where light comes to life.

»Light is poetry« – and it also works internationally: the image video of the same name was awarded the Silver Dolphin at the Corporate Media & TV Awards in Cannes in 2017.



We have been developing retail lighting concepts that are designed to promote sales and branding since 1955. Our developers, lighting designers and product managers have a detailed understanding of the retail industry, your business and the challenges you face. We support you throughout the entire process of developing and implementing your bespoke lighting concept.

We have always thought about light in terms of its effects on customers. The moment when it is reflected on the beholder’s retina. The impression that the illuminated products give the customer. The moment precipitating a purchase decision.

In the retail sector the most important thing is how much light reaches the product, not how much light is emitted by the luminaire. Based on that knowledge, Ansorg developed ROL as the new standard for optimum retail light. As a result of ROL, up to 20% more light ends up on the products! The reflectors that we developed ourselves efficiently focus and guide the LED light onto the target surface. Light makes a key contribution to defining the look and atmosphere of the POS.

Our lighting design experts define all the parameters for an effective lighting concept. The special Ansorg process includes the phases of analysis, planning/design, evaluation and implementation. We particularly focus on the emotional effect because light can sub-consciously influence consumers and their purchase decisions. When best-quality light and holistic planning are combined in bespoke lighting products you get sophisticated and sustainable solutions that promote sales.


Comprehensive advice and services

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You can only achieve high quality standards and customer satisfaction if everything is perfect. That’s why we believe it is so important to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of lighting. Competent light planning is just one service component. We also ensure that the luminaires are professionally aimed before they are put into operation, and we provide a regular cleaning and maintenance service to maximise your return on investment – across the entire life cycle of the lighting solution. Practical services guarantee long-term satisfaction.

Ansorg history

Every industry, whether automotive, food, fashion, health & beauty or home store, has its own specific target group and product characteristics. Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

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