Food retail lighting

Food retail sector developments in recent years make it clearly evident that availability and information are diminishing in significance as critical as factors influencing the purchase decision.

The key is to transform the act of shopping into a customer journey that sets the in-store experience apart from comparable e-commerce offerings and celebrates its uniqueness.

What makes the customer feel welcome? How does the customer perceive the product presentations? Does the customer enjoy spending time at the store? The store’s lighting concept plays an important role in answering all these questions. Lighting plays a key role that will become even more significant in the future. The original food retail lighting concepts were based on the warehouse lighting principle of uniform brightness. Today, that principle no longer satisfies the requirements of the food retail sector.

Good lighting makes the difference.

It is used for the targeted presentation of products and store employees, but good lighting can do more than that. Good lighting also helps to extend product shelf life, thereby improving sustainability and profitability. Good lighting showcases products in coordinated colours and three-dimensionality, rather than immersing them in a homogenous haze. A store lighting concept is the most important aspect of merchandise presentation from the customer’s perspective.

A sustainable and functional lighting solution must therefore always be developed by interdisciplinary experts and tailored to the specific application on the basis of a detailed analysis and a professional concept. Good lighting isn’t just efficient – it’s also effective!

Clear dimensionality

Foods in liquids have a more intensive colour.

The light from Navo produces additional reflections on the glass surfaces. Since the origin of the light from Navo is a point source rather than a continuous light strip the structure and depth of the products appears much more natural. Much of the light penetrating the glass is reflected, thereby enhancing this effect. The result: brilliant colour, distinct texture and impressive depth.   


The more general light of our linear systems ensures barely perceptible reflections on the glass surface. Structure rendering and dimensionality are muted. The light entering the glass is reflected many times and intensifies this effect.


Every industry, whether automotive, food, fashion, health & beauty or home store, has its own specific target group and product characteristics. Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

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