Our responsibility

The companies in the Ansorg Group are committed to responsible corporate conduct. They are guided in their business activities by a series of ethical, social and ecological principles. These principles reflect the organisation’s responsible attitude towards society, business associates and employees. Ansorg has certified health and safety, quality and environmental management systems in place which are regularly updated and re-certified by external audit bodies.

The quality of products and services is crucial to safeguarding Ansorg’s long-term success and competitiveness. We know that our customers will only recommend us if they are satisfied. That’s why long-term customer relationships and a commitment to delivering only the best product and service quality are particularly important to us.

Our culture of respect defines our relationships with employees of different genders, sexual identities, ages, races, religious faiths and disabilities.  
We promote equality of opportunity and equal treatment, and offer fair employment conditions with appropriate pay.

We observe the rules of free and fair competition and, in particular, we never enter into price or other agreements with competitors. We compete for customer orders on the basis of product performance and service excellence.

We never attempt to directly or indirectly influence customer decision makers into making decisions which are not in the customer’s interest by granting personal benefits to them. We restrict other gratuities to business associates to a level that does not give the impression of any personal influence being exerted.

We expect our suppliers to confirm to us that they will act in accordance with this Ansorg policy.

We protect and defend our own intellectual property and respect the intellectual property of others.

Our people make an essential contribution to Ansorg’s success and growth. We encourage their development and motivate them by showing them trust and respect in line with our leadership principles:

Transfer responsibility, delegate, build confidence, communicate transparently.

Ensure clarity, measure and evaluate, manage changes.

Demonstrate accountability and competence, communicate decisions.

Show appreciation, give feedback, embrace the ‘let’s win’ spirit

Every industry, whether automotive, food, fashion, health & beauty or home store, has its own specific target group and product characteristics. Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

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