Car showroom experience

Brilliance and perfect zone illumination are key factors that transform the car showroom customer journey into an engaging experience. The different formal elements, textures and the encounters with cars themselves provide additional sensory interaction.

Ansorg’s lighting concept is based on the interplay between functional and sales-promoting lighting. All the different showroom zones need to have their own specific lighting scenarios. Brilliant and flexible lighting that emphasises texture and tactility is a must in the display zone. In the consultation area, on the other hand, a warmer light makes customers feel comfortable and encourages them to relax.

We work with you to develop lighting concepts that are tailored to your requirements. This approach makes the customer experience more rewarding and, on top of that, our luminaires and lighting design concepts deliver significant improvements in economic efficiency.

Ansorg has adopted a holistic approach to lighting design that we call the “Ansorg Process”. We work with you to create the perfect lighting solution for your store. In the planning and development process we don’t just use paper and computer. We develop and test your concept in our LightRoom so that you can experience it live.

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