After sales

Even when the lighting system is in place you can still rely on us. Our comprehensive service portfolio includes all the services you could ever need. We provide you with unbureaucratic advice, support and assistance in every situation.

Ansorg takes its responsibility as a manufacturer within the meaning of the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive [WEEE]. Together with numerous partners, we ensure that our luminaires are disposed of and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner after use.

As a result of dissimilar implementation of the directive into national law, depending on the Member State, we are happy to provide you with assistance when it comes to questions regarding disposal. We pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly materials already in the development of our lamps. Disposal must be carried out in accordance with national standards. These can be obtained from the agency responsible.

Of course we are glad to indicate our specific disposal partners on request. However, please note that there may be a change during the term of the agreement. If there is a need for disposal, then we and our partners shall be at your disposal.

Our finishing is done in Germany and ensures our exceptionally high quality. Our quality management does not rely on random samples, but tests every single product 100%.

Nevertheless, complaints may occur in exceptional cases. In order to make the processing of returns as fast and convenient as possible for you, all returns should always be agreed in advance by telephone with our Customer Service Centre. If your complaint is justified, then you will receive a return number from us which you attach to your return delivery. In this manner we ensure that the shipment can be allocated and checked both quickly and easily. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of unregistered returns in accordance with our General Standard Terms and Conditions of Business.


  • Have installation and commissioning carried out only by authorised technical personnel.
  • Please also observe the information in the operating and installation instructions.
  • Please always switch off the power supply during installation and maintenance work.
  • The luminaire is for lighting purposes only and must be installed in accordance with national installation regulations. Any other use or installation is not “in accordance with regulations”.
  • In order to ensure operational safety, the product must not be modified. Non-compliance also voids any warranty and, if applicable, liability claims.
  • Please use only original spare parts from Ansorg.
  • Note on LED luminaires: The built-in light source of these lamps may only be replaced by the manufacturer or a service technician commissioned by the manufacturer.
  • Immediately replace defective lamps or lamps at the end of their service life (recognisable by flashing, colour deviations, loss of brightness) in order to avoid damage to control devices and radio interference.
  • In addition, it is imperative that you observe the instructions of the lamp manufacturers.

Every industry, whether automotive, food, fashion, health & beauty or home store, has its own specific target group and product characteristics. Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

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