Experiencing light in the Ansorg LightRoom

We give our customers the opportunity to join the Ansorg experts in testing new lighting concepts and products, or comparing different lighting solutions in terms of their effects. This makes a reliable assessment of light effect, colour rendering, colour temperature and energy efficiency possible as the basis for a well-informed decision on the perfect lighting solution. Light is something you have to experience.

And it’s important for the test environment to replicate the real store scenario as exactly as possible in order to obtain the most true-to-life results. The LightRoom’s 7-meters-high, flexible ceiling with recess and on-ceiling mounting options can be adapted to all store situations and produces reliable lighting results. The lighting concept isn’t finalised until the illuminated products look authentic and brilliant.


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Every industry, whether automotive, food, fashion, health & beauty or home store, has its own specific target group and product characteristics. Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

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