The Lizzy model by Ansorg heralds a new era in suspended luminaires. It unites sophisticated and variational design with perfect quality of light. The highly flexible light module can be fitted with all standard lampshades. It can also be perfectly integrated in existing lighting concepts as a source of high-quality and flexibly adaptable retail light.

Lizzy is the result of Ansorg focusing its core competence – of providing brilliant retail light from any luminaire – on suspended lamps. It replaces the generally weak and ineffective lighting of decorative suspended luminaires with highest quality, professional LED light and unites interior design and lighting concepts to create a harmonious overall effect. The light is directed by modern lens systems which ensure consistent light quality, temperature and colour throughout the store.

Lizzy can easily be installed anywhere in the store and the E27 lampshades are quick and simple to replace. The LED module can be adjusted for special light effects such as brilliant white or natural meat. Lizzy therefore opens up a range of entirely new applications for decorative suspended luminaires because it can also be used as an effective source of illumination for fish and meat, cheese wine and bakery products. At the same time, the lampshades can be individually selected for decorative effect and to harmonise with the store’s corporate identity or interior design concept. Lizzy – always different and always delivering the same high quality of light and design.

Lizzy loves diversity.

Suspended luminaires

Productmax. lumenmax. efficiencyBeam angle
Lizzy LMP4044 lm158 lm/WMedium Flood, Flood, Wide Flood