Adjustment-free light for brilliant window displays

Shop window visual merchandising concepts are the enticing opening page of the sales story, and they effectively showcase the key products in the range. The collections and attractions featured in today’s shop windows are being changed at increasingly shorter intervals. In the past, each new visual merchandising concept had to be accompanied by a detailed lighting concept in order to achieve its full impact. To minimise the human resource intensity of this task, Ansorg developed Lightfall, a new universal lighting system that can be changed very quickly without any need to adapt the light. Lightfall can be used for the clear and expressive illumination of all kinds of products in any position. Stores opting for Lightfall enable their staff to fully focus on their core function of serving customers.

The Lightfall system’s brilliant light is focus-free, which is why quick and easy visual merchandising concept changes are possible with no loss of lighting quality whatsoever. Lightfall has a modular design. It is suitable for installation heights ranging from 2.5 to 4 metres and installation lengths of between 1.8 and 3.5 metres in any standard-dimensioned shop window. It can also easily incorporate suspended, ceiling or track-mounted luminaires. Lightfall is available in different versions for shop windows with and without a back wall.

Ansorg’s Lightfall is a powerful and efficient retail lighting tool for the optimum and brilliant illumination of shop window visual merchandising displays with the minimum of effort.

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