We’re passionate about custom-made retail lighting solutions. And those solutions encompass far more than just the lighting concept. We collaborate closely with our customers, or with designers, architects and planners, to develop individual, technically coordinated solutions. Another aspect of this process is our development of brand new, customer specific luminaires. The Luminaire that meets 100% of the customer’s requirements.

Ansorg unites technical know-how with high quality design standards and light planning competence. Based on this and our more than 65 years of retail light experience, we realise specific products in excellent quality for our customers. We transform a retail space into “your store” with a unique lighting concept and special recognition value. The question of “Why should customers notice your store?” doesn’t just depend on the store setting, it also has a lot to do with your brand identity.

In many cases we modify the products in our standard range, but we also develop custom-built luminaires. Our aspiration is always to deliver the perfect lighting solution to our customers, from small, specially developed spotlights to large-scale architectural lamps or special light objects. In addition to our focus on good design, quality and energy efficiency, it is important to ensure that your customers feel comfortable with our lighting solutions and that the light showcasing the products has the effect of promoting sales.

All our luminaires are measured, tested and optimised in our in-house Light Lab to guarantee high light output, excellent non-glare properties and energy efficiency.

Lighting assignment:
Creating a link between the ground floor and basement guiding customers to additional product ranges.

Lighting solution and custom design:
LED light lines arranged in pairs to create the impression of a vortex of light across two floors.

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Autohaus Moll, Düsseldorf

Lighting assignment:
Uniform illumination of the vehicles, brilliant accentuation

Lighting solution and custom design:
The frame of the illuminated ceiling is a custom-dimensioned Floatline system with built-in LED spotlights for staging the vehicles, accentuating the vehicle curves and the car paintwork.

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Rhein Galerie, Ludwigshafen

Lighting assignment:
To create an abstract representation of fish by combining large and small, visually appealing light objects that change colour.

Lighting solution and custom design:
Large oval steel structure with special film, 17 x 4 m in size, weight 2000 kg, fitted with 676 4-watt LED modules for remote-controlled RGB colour changes and 16 additional downlights in the surrounding frame. Smaller oval steel structures with special film, 1.80 x 0.45 m in size, weight 21 kg, fitted with a 6.30 m long, dimmable LED linear light flex band in blue, plus three additional downlights positioned at the centre.

Der Spiegel, cafeteria, Hamburg

Lighting assignment
A lighting concept to emphasise the restaurant’s sophisticated architecture, which won a Gold Environmental Label, to employees and guests.

Lighting solution and custom design
Over 4,000 LED light spotlights with silver modes to reflect the light plus individual LED spots to accentuate the floor and walls and large yellow reflection discs to ensure that the light distribution creates a pleasant ambience and gives the room structure. Over 200 polished acrylic rods in six different lengths, each with a 1 watt LED module, for effective illumination of the room.

Every industry, whether automotive, food, fashion, health & beauty or home store, has its own specific target group and product characteristics. Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

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