Edeka Zurheide


Sales Area
12.000 m²
Interior Design
Interstore Design, Düsseldorf
Schweitzer Vertrieb, GmbH
Lighting Design
Energy Consumption
9,3 W/m²
Boris Golz, Arnsberg
Project Sheet


Edeka Zurheide is a 12,000 m² gourmet temple in Düsseldorf that is absolutely unique in Europe. Visitors to the store feel as if they have embarked on a gourmet cruise. Ansorg orchestrated a lighting concept that makes the culinary delights to shine in the finest light with more than 2100 luminaires.


The customer brief was to create a link between the ground floor and basement guiding customers to additional product ranges. The bespoke lighting concept features custom-made luminaires tailored to the retailer’s needs: Coray is the essence of what has always set Ansorg apart. With Coray we fulfil customer requirements of a family of universal and smaller luminaires. The Coray products have different designs, sizes and mounting types, so they can be used in all retail areas and all lighting situations, ensuring a consistently harmonious design concept throughout the entire store.

Edeka Zurheide
Berliner Allee 52
40212 Stadtbezirk 1

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