Ansorg GmbH manufactures in accordance with the latest state of the art and always uses high-quality materials and components to this end. In conjunction with constant quality assurance operations, this ensures the high standard of the products. On this basis Ansorg GmbH provides the following warranties in addition to the statutory and/or contractual rights with regard to material defects:

Warranty Conditions

1. In accordance with the following terms and conditions Ansorg GmbH provides

a) a 5-year warranty on Ansorg brand luminaires. The warranty does not apply - subject to Letter b) - to lamps, regardless of whether they are already fitted in the luminaires or supplied separately on delivery;

b) in extension of Letter a) all LED modules installed in Ansorg brand luminaires at the factory are covered by a 5-year warranty. Here it should be noted that for technical reasons the amount of light emitted by an LED decreases as its service life progresses. A decrease in luminous flux up to a value of 0.6%/1000 operating hours therefore does not constitute a defect within the meaning of these warranty terms and conditions.

The warranty covers all product failures that exceed the average nominal failure rate. For electronic control devices and/or components such as LED modules, the average nominal failure rate amounts to 0.2%/1000 operating hours, unless the average nominal service life and nominal failure rate of the equipment or components is defined otherwise in the product and application specifications (data sheet, product brochure and the like).

Merchandise (purchased products that are resold under a third-party label) shall be excluded from this agreement.

A warranty case shall be given if

  • a material defect occurs within the warranty period (Clause 2) and
  • the other warranty requirements (Clause 3) are fulfilled.

Ansorg shall be exempt from the warranty obligation if there is a reason for exclusion (Clause 4).

2. The warranty period commences when the product is delivered to the customer. The customer shall be responsible for verifying that a defect has occurred within the warranty period. In order to avoid problems with such verification, the customer is thus strongly advised to retain the delivery note.


3. Other prerequisites for provision of the warranty are

  • that, unless the product and/or the lighting system was planned and installed by the customer or a third party commissioned by the customer, the lighting system was planned and installed in accordance with the respectively valid IEC standards,
  • that the maintenance and care work on the product was carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications (please also note the maintenance instructions), and
  • that delivery was commissioned after 25.07.2018.

However, in order to preserve its warranty claims, the customer shall be at liberty to prove that a material defect that has occurred is not attributable to a violation of the above obligations.

4. If a defect is due to one of the following causes, then the warranty obligation shall not apply:

a) improper use, misuse of the product or defect due to the behaviour of the customer or a third party, in particular if instructions or technical notes in the operating instructions and/or installation instructions are not observed;

b) faults or fluctuations in the supply voltage and/or in the circuits;

c) abnormal operating conditions;

d) force majeure such as fire, flooding, etc.;

e) Use of faulty or incompatible accessories (regardless of whether they were manufactured or supplied by Ansorg).

5. For processing a warranty case the customer must register the defective product with Ansorg. The customer will then receive a return number from Ansorg in order to return the defective product to Ansorg. It should be noted that for products whose serial or batch numbers are damaged, changed or unrecognisable, the proof to be provided by Ansorg in accordance with Clause 2 may be difficult or impossible.

The customer shall be obliged to provide Ansorg with the relevant information in connection with the warranty claims asserted.

6. At Ansorg’s option the warranty service consists either in free delivery of a replacement product or in a credit note for the purchase price paid by the customer for the defective product (or part of the purchase price). Costs for installation and removal of the products are not covered. In the event of a replacement delivery, minor optical and use-related lighting deviations may occur in comparison to the original product due to technical changes.





Ansorg warranty


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