Approaching a lighting design brief


by Kirill Tatarenko, Lighting Designer at  Ansorg

The design of a lighting concept in retail begins with a profound understanding of the brand and its environment. At Ansorg, we conduct comprehensive interviews to explore the philosophy, values, and target groups of our clients, which forms the basis for a customized lighting atmosphere. Read more about this in an interview with our Lighting Designer Kirill Tatarenko.

When developing a retail lighting design concept, we at Ansorg conduct interviews with clients on three primary topics. The first set of questions addresses the brand’s philosophy, values, target clientele, and main competitors. This information helps us define the store‘s lighting atmosphere, which could range from calm to dynamic or from luxurious to accessible. Next, we examine the sales process, the customer journey, and the activities that will take place in the store. This data is essential for establishing accent zones and creating a visual hierarchy for the presentation. Finally, we discuss the specific characteristics of the building, including its architectural concept, spatial parameters, and installation options. Based on this information, we select the appropriate power levels and mounting types for the lighting fixtures.

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