Counter Light – Putting the focus on sales personnel

Sales personnel are the high street stores’ most powerful USP. Personal relationships make check-out personnel, counter staff and sales assistants trusted and constant factors in their customers’ lives. People need and seek out other people – which is why store staff are a key to success that online retailers will never have. Most retail lighting concepts today focus on product illumination and they often put the store personnel in an unflattering light. But with the right lighting concept, stores can highlight the engaging and friendly qualities of their staff.

Ansorg’s Counter Light ensures the discreet and aesthetic illumination of the people who play an important role in the buying process, and it can easily be combined with any visual merchandising concept. Empathetic lighting that emphasises the clear-cut proportions, bright eyes and shadow-free faces of service personnel resonates positively with customers, eliminates communication barriers and encourages customers to engage in friendly conversation with the staff. As a result, they return to the store more often and spend more time there. The Counter Light provides aesthetic illumination of service personnel at the point of sale so that they can be effective ambassadors for your store, your brand and your service quality.

Counter Light – visualising friendliness.


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