Edeka Zurheide opens gourmet temple in Düsseldorf Ansorg provides lighting of the finest for Europe’s new culinary highlight

22 March 2018: The latest flagship of “Zurheide Feine Kost im CROWN” opened its doors today for the first time in the heart of the Rhine metropolis Düsseldorf. With 12,000 m² of space over two floors, this gourmet market is without parallel in Europe. Entering the flagship store from Berliner Allee, visitors are reminded of a gourmet cruise on a luxury liner. This effect is created by beautifully presented culinary delights and the finest in lighting from the more than 2,100 luminaires supplied by light specialist Ansorg.

The lighting expert once again sees itself as a pilot steering the customer’s gaze through the variety of delicacies. The lighting guides the flow of visitors from the three entrance areas along the mall to the various worlds of flavour. Floating LED light lines mounted in the form of swirling maelstrom draw guests down from the ground floor to the basement, where an appealing selection of fresh bakery products, excellent wines, exclusive champagnes and many other delights awaits them.

Whatever the requirement, a tasteful restaurant ambience, radiantly fresh fruit, mouthwatering chocolates, a perfectly illuminated range of goods or colourful floral arrangements, Ansorg creates the right mood and attracts attention with individually planned light colours, brightness levels, accented lighting and painstaking detail taken in the mounting and arrangement of luminaires. Welcome on board and bon appetit!

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Project details

Edeka Zurheide
Düsseldorf, Germany
Sales Area
12.000 m²
Interior Design
Interstore Design, Düsseldorf 
Shop fitter
Schweitzer Vertrieb GmbH
Lighting Design
Energy consumption
9,3 W/m²
Coray CMT/CMR/CMN, Mona MIL, LED Panel, Navo NSK, Kono KTM, Lightstripe LWL, LED Special Solution
Boris Golz, Arnsberg


Documents and Downloads

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