Navo NLA: maximum flexibility in aisle illumination

The Navo NLA is a new aisle illumination addition to the Ansorg portfolio that delivers genuine flexibility in retail lighting. Available on an ex-works basis with just one reflector and a flexibly adjustable LED, it can be individually aligned for custom light distribution in variously equipped aisle zones. The Navo NLA is therefore a next-generation luminaire offering the necessary lighting flexibility and enhanced brilliance for merchandise presentation.

Available as a directional or double directional washer, the surface-mounted luminaire can be rotated from 90 to 180 degrees and combined with spotlights on the power rail. There is also a suspended version to provide additional interior design options with certain ceiling infrastructures. The use of a single reflector and 100% recycled aluminium for the die-cast components ensure that the product is both ecologically and economically sustainable. The silhouette of an airborne bird was the inspiration for the new and streamlined design of the Navo NLO luminaire and it has a lightness that emphasises the overall composition of building architecture and shop fittings.

Navo NLA provides dynamic and structured aisle lighting for the brilliant and uniform illumination of merchandise. Navo’s centre-aisle positioning and point-formed light source provide perfect merchandise accentuation. Not only does it deliver excellent quality merchandise illumination with maximum visual comfort, it also creates an atmosphere that positively impacts the shopping experience. The store looks more upmarket and vibrant than retail outlets with traditional light strip.

Lighting technology:     Patented, dazzle-free, directional and double directional washer reflector for maximum retail lighting efficiency
Variants:Navo NLA DDF: surface-mounted double directional washer, (optionally with wall washer reflector), suspended version without visible power cable.
Navo NLA DF: surface-mounted directional washer (optionally with a wall washer reflector)
Luminous flux:Navo NLA DDF: 8.000 – 11.000 lm
Navo NLA DF: 4.000 – 6.000 lm
Light colours:Optionally 2700–4000K or brilliant white;
Colour rendering: CRI>80 or optionally >90



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