SEAT & CUPRA optimise their corporate lighting with Ansorg – starting with the Bertucco car showroom in Verona

The SEAT Centro Bertucco in Verona, in the north of Italy, is now presenting its CUPRA-brand performance sports cars in a new corporate lighting scenario. The concept was developed, optimised and integrated into the new showroom by Ansorg in close collaboration with the team at the SEAT & CUPRA headquarters in Spain. The vehicle presentation concept is designed to underline the power and racing sport connections of this high-performance automotive brand – and an elementary aspect of that concept is light planning. Up to seven vehicles with highly polished paintwork are positioned on an area of just 269 m². Each of the various CUPRA models is illuminated by luminaries suspended at a height of 3.00 metres from an open, anthracite-coloured ceiling. The pale grey, flecked walls exude understated industrial charm that emphasises the sports cars’ uniqueness and elegance.

Various areas of the CUPRA showroom are interwoven. In addition to classic sales areas there are spaces for different guest requirements. A lounge and a separate, open-plan consultation area with warm, atmospheric furnishings provide informal areas that contrast with the industrial style.

The CUPRA models are grouped around the central island. This information area and lounge at the heart of the showroom features extra-large, wide-diameter suspended luminaires for soft illumination and excellent long-range visibility. The wooden wall with large CUPRA logo is an eye-catching feature that can be seen from outside. Both the wall and the shelves with consultant desks around the sides of the showroom require accentuating lighting. Sales consultations are held at the operational spots, which are shielded by half-height screens for additional privacy. Other areas include the new vehicle delivery zone, the receiving desk and the offices.

Ceiling heights and designs vary depending on the vehicles’ position. For that reason the Ansorg roll-out experts developed a concept that can be individually adapted to any showroom without deviating from the corporate design. The light intensity in the showroom area and delivery area is always twice the light intensity in the operational spots and central island.

By using high-performance suspended luminaires Ansorg achieved an even distribution of light across the vehicles, and the understated, technical design of the Coray CLP suspended luminaire mirrors the elegance and power of the CUPRA brand. The sports cars’ dynamics are also emphasised by the cold light reflecting off the vehicle paintwork. An additional rectangular power rail with strongly rounded corners in the new car delivery zone also highlights the sporty design of the vehicle waiting to be handed over to its new owner.

SEAT launched its new CUPRA brand in 2018 and it had to establish itself in the market. “That’s why the showrooms have to reflect the CUPRA brand’s zeitgeist. The furniture and interior fittings, as well as the lighting, are all testimony to SEAT’s willingness to invest in contemporary design,” explained Gianni Bertucco, Managing Director of CUPRA Centro Bertucco in the Veneto region. Lighting Design Expert at Ansorg, Petra Lenz, adds: “The high-performance luminaires in the showroom provide a high level of illumination despite the distance between them. As a result, we can minimise the number of luminaires used and still achieve impressive brilliance.”


Project data

SEAT Bertucco
Verona, Italien
269 m²
Lighting design
Mirco Vantini
Construction coordination
Energy consumption
22 Watt/m²
Iqona IMT, Coray CLP, Marset Soho 112, Marset Djembe 65.35
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