The companies in the Ansorg Group are committed to responsible corporate conduct. They are guided in their business activities by a series of ethical, social and ecological principles which reflect the organisation’s responsible attitude towards society, business associates and employees.

We take our responsibility seriously.

The Ansorg Policy is binding for all members of the organisation, the administrative board, the management and all employees. All members of the organisation may approach their line manager or an executive manager if they have any questions relating to this policy.

By providing the necessary resources we ensure that all planned activities can be implemented. We regularly review their effectiveness, and correct or supplement them as necessary.

Law-abiding conduct

We operate within the legal systems of the countries where we operate. Every member of a national organisation is aware of the statutory provisions which are relevant for his or her area of activity. Compliance with the law is the most important principle for the companies and employees in the Ansorg Group.

Responsibility and supervision

Each manager is responsible for the employees who report to him or her. He or she sets clear, demanding and realistic objectives, leads by trust and gives team members personal responsibility and career development opportunities. Managers earn the respect of their teams with excellent leadership, hard work, reliability and empathy. Staff can approach their manager or the HR department at any time in connection with personal, job-related issues.

Mutual respect and honesty

We respect the human rights, dignity, private sphere and personal rights of every individual. A corporate culture based on respect defines the relationships between employees with different genders, sexual identities, ages, races, religious faiths and disabilities.

We promote equality of opportunity and equal treatment, and offer fair employment conditions with appropriate pay.

We do not condone any form of discrimination, humiliation, intimidation, repression or insult. In this respect, we operate a ‘zero tolerance’ policy.

We condemn human trafficking and forced labour of any kind. Child labour is not used. In the absence of local legislation stipulating a higher age, we never employ any persons of school age or younger than 15 years of age.

We are open and honest with our business associates and assume responsibility for our actions. We are reliable partners in business and never make a promise we cannot keep.

Leadership principles

Ansorg’s employees facilitate the organisation’s success and growth and Ansorg is obligated to them. It promotes employee development and motivation with trust and respect, based on the following principles of leadership:

Empower people
Transfer responisibility, delegate
Persuasive communication
Development and coaching

Give direction
Provide guidance
Lead teams
Manage change

Make decisions
Make decisions
Manage complexity
Improve collaboration

Celebrate success
Inspire others
Motivate others
Be authentic

Health and safety at work

We ensure that our employees are not exposed to any safety hazards at the workplace. This extends to the technical equipment at the workplace, process structures and providing them with training on personal conduct in their functions.

Avoidance of conflicts of interest

We avoid assigning duties to members of the company which would expose them to conflicts of interest or loyalty. However, if any employee does find himself/herself exposed to a conflict of interest or loyalty they are required to report it to their own manager or an executive manager.

Intellectual property

We protect and defend our own intellectual property and respect the intellectual property of others. When we develop innovations we secure the rights to the intellectual property that we have created.

Environmental protection

We accept our responsibility towards existing and future generations and we are committed to protecting the environment and to the conservative use of limited resources. We comply with all environmental law requirements and intend to continuously improve our environmental performance.

Dealings with business associates and third parties

We observe the rules of free and fair competition and, in particular, we never enter into price or other agreements with competitors. We compete for customer orders on the basis of product performance and service excellence.

We never attempt to directly or indirectly influence customer decision makers into making decisions which are not in the customer’s interest by granting personal benefits to them. We restrict other gratuities to business associates to a level that does not give the impression of any personal influence being exerted.

No person working for an Ansorg company is permitted to request a business associate to provide them with a personal advantage or to accept such an advantage on behalf of related parties or third parties.

The acceptance of customary gratuities is only admissible if the impression of personal influence being exerted can be excluded.

We expect our suppliers to confirm to us that they will act in accordance with the Ansorg Policy.

Discretion in handling information

The Ansorg companies are not stock exchange listed and, except when required by law to do so, they do not publish any financial data.

Reflecting this, employees are not entitled to disclose such data, or other data and information, to other employees, third parties or related parties. This also applies if such data has already been published on whatever grounds.

Furthermore, the obligation to treat data as confidential applies to data or information which has been explicitly approved for internal communication and/or communication to third parties by the responsible manager.

The stringent requirements of company data confidentiality also apply to the data that business associates disclose to us within the framework of our business relationships.

We take all reasonable precautions to protect the data of our companies, our members and our business associates.

Product safety

We make regular improvements to product designs and production processes, and adapt them to the state of the art. Our safety and quality requirements are documented in guidelines and our employees and suppliers receive regular safety and quality training.

The certification of standard products is regularly reviewed by external auditing bodies in accordance with strict criteria.

By ensuring the safety of our products we protect our customers and their customers. In order to maximise product safety, Ansorg makes continuous efforts to improve product design, production processes and instructions for use. The company orients itself on the state of the art, produces guidelines on this basis and reflecting day-to-day experience, and communicates these to the company, suppliers and service providers. Ansorg checks its products in accordance with these guidelines during the product development process.

Highest quality

The quality of products and services is a crucial aspect of safeguarding long-term success and competiveness. Ansorg is committed to retaining its innovation and quality leadership in its market.

Ansorg wants satisfied customers who are happy to recommend it to other people. It therefore makes targeted efforts to develop long-term customer relationships and aims to supply defect-free products and services to customers. The principle of avoiding defects rather than remedying defects applies.

Implementation and review

The advisory board, the management and the employees of Ansorg companies are responsible for compliance with the Ansorg Policy.

Compliance with the Ansorg Policy is permanently monitored and appropriate sanctions are imposed in the event it is breached. The management reports once a year to the advisory board on compliance with these principles.

Ansorg has certified health and safety, quality and environmental management systems in place which are regularly updated and re-certified by external audit bodies.

If you become aware of any aspect of the Ansorg Policy and/or effective laws being breached please report it to Ansorg and/or an independent third party. Ansorg can be contacted at the following e-mail addresses.

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