Environmental protection, climate change, energy efficiency. Three terms emphasising how important sustainability has become in our organisation as a whole, in our day-to-day activities, in our business concept and in our business activities.

Ansorg is proud to be an owner-managed, mid-sized company with a commitment to preserving natural resources while upholding the values and DNA of its corporate culture. However, in addition to preserving natural resources we have to be willing to embrace change to more effectively safeguard the natural foundations of life, address social issues and structure relationships with our suppliers.


Corporate responsibility guidelines

Ansorg meets its obligation towards existing and future generations based on a proactive commitment made many years ago to protect the environment and to use limited resources sparingly. Here at Ansorg, compliance with environmental legislation and the required continuous improvement of environmental performance are not perceived as tiresome obligations. Rather, they are central to our business purpose. Our owners, managing partners and employees are all committed to upholding sustainable business practices in the economic, ecological and social spheres. First published in 1996, the international ISO 14001 standard sets out internationally acknowledged requirements for environmental management systems.

Environmental management system and Code of Conduct

Ansorg obtained ISO 14001 certification at the end of the 1990s. Ansorg’s environmental management system is growing in line with the company’s more complex requirements and technical progress, and it undergoes regular external audits. Binding guiding principles that apply to all actions and activities allow Ansorg to achieve continuous improvements in sustainable management practices and employee diligence.

These principles demand compliance with the obligations defined by Ansorg in its environmental policy. Environmental practices, environmental objectives and an environmental programme help it to achieve that compliance. The Ansorg Code of Conduct (of 16.4.2019) ensures that all people in the organisation are on the same page when it comes to respecting others and behaving responsibly towards each other, society and the environment. The environmental management system is continuously updated and undergoes regular external audits.

Working at Ansorg

Ansorg attaches importance to working environments and conditions that inspire people and encourage productivity. Our goal is to cultivate healthy and long-term employment relationships with our entire workforce. Ansorg believes that the best results are achieved with mixed teams whose members have diverse professional backgrounds, biographies and interests. We provide space for diversity while emphasising our common ground. Ansorg encourages lifelong learning and offers long-term career development opportunities to talented and motivated employees.

Ansorg published its Health and Safety Policy on 20.5.2019, and it also complies with the stringent RIDDOR guidelines (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, 2013). Some of these British guidelines are far stricter than the German Health & Safety Act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz). Lastly, Ansorg raises sustainability awareness among the entire workforce through internal communications on environmental protection and workshops on waste avoidance. Over the next few years Ansorg will provide all of its departments with further opportunities to make their workflows greener and more sustainable. An initiative is currently underway to encourage and empower staff to reduce their paper footprint to the minimum.

Ansorg’s sustainability principles

1. Responsibility

Ansorg is an owner-managed company and a dependable partner. We protect integrity and encourage environmental awareness in our day-to-day operations.

2. Durability

Ansorg manufactures products in excellent quality with long life cycles. Services provided to customers in the operating phase, such as maintenance and cleaning, ensure that the products retain their high efficiency and extend their useful lives.

3. Ambition

Ansorg follows the latest developments, conserves resources, supports circular economy best practices and uses environmentally friendly materials and technologies. Our specialist team of light planners cleverly integrate high-efficiency Ansorg luminaires in holistic lighting concepts to deliver the best-possible lighting quality and energy footprint.

4. People

With innovative lighting expertise and ecological corporate values, Ansorg makes a significant contribution to improving environmental quality and reducing CO2 emissions in partnership with both customers and employees.

Ansorg and circular economy

Ansorg takes an interest in the entire life cycle of its products and the associated resources. In this connection the circular economy concept is a source of valuable inspiration and guidance on the implementation of specific measures.

Documents & Downloads

Ansorg regularly reviews the available opportunities to enhance its corporate responsibility profile. This report sets out Ansorg’s approach to upholding sustainable business practices.

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