EuroShop 2020

EuroShop 2020

Our world is changing with ever-increasing speed. The retail industry is also in a process of transformation – with us at the heart of it. We can ask ourselves what the future will bring and adapt to it. Or we can decide to lead the continuous change process and take on the role of visionaries. To do that we have to embrace, facilitate and define change. Together, we’re shaping the future of retail.

Urban densification and advancing digitalisation are two major trends. A shift towards ethical principles has occurred in connection with the pursuit of sustainability and responsible consumption. Traditional status symbols are on the way out as the value of material objects declines. People want to be wowed by unique, authentic and special experiences.

We understand these trends and their significance for the future. Our answers will be revealed at EuroShop 2020, where we will be demonstrating what can be achieved if you anticipate and embrace change. Shared Spaces is a bold and redefining concept that unites holistic ideas to generate synergies and unique experiences.

Fashion, food, beauty and mobility are the combination of elements that make this concept work. How? By erasing boundaries and focusing on new, common themes to create an ideal breeding ground for even more innovative ideas.

Transparency, fluidity, flexibility – not only in spirit, but also in terms of store design – are shaping the future of retail.

Your future success depends on creating experiences. This is a must in the ever-evolving world of shopping. Traditional retail faces challenges from changing consumer behaviour, urbanisation and digitalisation – including the increasingly important subject of eCommerce. But where uncertainty reigns, all you need is enough courage to exploit the considerable scope for new ideas. One of these is the holistic approach of shared spaces. Innovatively merging different sectors – in terms of both location and content.

However, the special nature of this symbiosis isn’t achieved by the simple positioning of products and functions. Using the example of the fashion, food, beauty and mobility sectors, we present what can happen when something new grows from openness and unification. Providing examples of how retail can create meaningful, multi-sensory moments. Taste and smell, sight and touch. Supported by customisable lighting and flexible room layouts. Transparency, fluidity, flexibility – not only in spirit, but also in terms of store design – are shaping the future of retail.