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Lumen class

Lighting knowledge

Lumen classes

Lumen is a unit used to describe the luminous flux of a luminaire. Lumen classes structure the lumen values of our luminaires. Our lumen classes include all lumen values that are 499 lm lower and 500 lm higher.

Example: Lumen class 2000 contains all lumen values from 1501 lm to 2500 lm.

Lumen class 500 is an exception and contains all values from 0 lm to 500 lm

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Light colour

Lighting Knowledge

Light colour

The light colour corresponds to the light code. This consists of 3 digits. The first digit stands for the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) and describes the quality of colour rendering of light sources. Digits 2 and 3 represent the colour temperature. 

The colour rendering index is an index describing the quality of the colour rendering of light sources. A scale from 0 to 100 is used for this purpose. The reference value is natural light (CRI = 100). Depending on the lighting task, there are also special colour renderings, e.g. Brilliant, Meat and NMeat or Natural. 

Brilliant: Best colour rendering, brilliant white.

Meat: Accentuated colour rendering in the red range. Makes meatshine juicy.

NMeat: The light brings out the red tones in meat. In itself it is white, and not pink. Thus bone, outer layer of fat, grain and edible mould have a natural appearance. In addition, there is no optical falsification of the outer packaging.

N27 (Natural): High color saturation of all colors and excellent contrast sharpness.

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Colour temperature

Lighting Knowledge

Colour Temperature

The colour temperature is a measure to determine the colour impression of a light source. The unit used for this is Kelvin. According to the standard, sunlight has a colour temperature of 5500 K, candlelight 1500 K, an incandescent lamp 2700. The higher the Kelvin value, the bluer (cooler) the light appears.

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System efficiency

Lighting Knowledge

System Efficiency

All of our specifications refer to the “system” luminaire under real operating conditions. We therefore indicate the actual usable luminous flux and the total power consumption of the luminaire, not just that of the LED module. System efficiency is the value lumen per watt (lm/W), which relates luminous flux and power consumption. The higher this value is, the more efficiently the luminaire works.

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