INspire lighting control

The stage is yours. With our lighting control systems we meet the rapidly growing demands of the stationary trade for maximum flexibility, comfort and changeability. A lighting control system allows you to adapt your lighting directly and continuously to changes in merchandising and to create attractive experiential values by means of lighting scenes.

Every production begins with a light. And we create the atmosphere. Our INspire lighting control system is based on Bluetooth technology and can be conveniently controlled via app on your tablet. It is the perfect tool to stage and control products and their placement with a high degree of flexibility. Plan lighting scenes and present merchandise like on a stage – without any additional installation effort.

The great advantage of our control system is that there is no real installation effort required on site. No additional control lines or complex BUS systems are required. Our Bluetooth-capable lights can be integrated directly into an existing store concept. And this makes this type of lighting control easy to retrofit and usually ideal for use in existing facilities.

Every production begins with a light. And we create the atmosphere.

Dynamic Light

Highlight areas, shop windows, catwalks, changing rooms. There are no limits to the variety of applications. Dynamic light activates the eye and thus draws the customer’s attention to the desired target area. We speak of dynamic or animated light when there is an active change in lighting, e.g. the light slowly switches on and off, or there is a change in brightness, colour or temperature. Our app provides for the creation of scenes. A change in the light is assigned to groups of luminaires.

The light temperature can be adjusted to the current collection, cold colours (such as blue and silver) shine best in a cool light (3,500–4,000 Kelvin). Warm light lets gold, yellow and red shine already from afar. LED lines in RGBW support the scenography in the shop and can be playfully adapted. Are you organising a customer event and your conventional sales lighting does not suit the desired atmosphere? Here too, INspire captivates with its flexibility. With a few taps on the tablet, you create the perfect illumination, create the right atmosphere and support the dramatic composition of your event.

The right light at all times.

  • Greater attention: light activates customers and increases sales
  • Create experiences and offer differentiation
  • Before opening for business: set specific accents
  • At the peak of business: stage merchandise in a sales-promoting manner
  • After closing time: an invitation to linger in front of the window
  • Reduce costs and make targeted use of daylight


You want to dim the light or use daylight efficiently? This is particularly useful in car dealerships with many glass surfaces and daylight incidence and goes easy on your electricity bill. This is easy with lighting control. With an integrated daylight sensor, the adjustment is fully automatic and you save valuable energy. A presence-based control system generates additional attention and guides your customers through the room, even on large surfaces, e.g. in furniture stores. We would be pleased to demonstrate all of the advantages as part of a sampling in our room of light.


Scene Planning and Configuration of Lighting Control

Together with our lighting experts discover the possibilities that are available for you and your shop. Our lighting planners work with you to develop a precisely fitting concept just for you. And our control team will be happy to take over the configuration and setup as well as introduction on site.



Operating Principle

The luminaires are controlled via a Bluetooth radio interface. The luminaires are equipped with Bluetooth control modules for this purpose. Unlike plastic luminaires, luminaires with metal housings require an additional small antenna. The luminaires are captured directly by the app, and can thus be quickly merged into meaningful groups (e.g. shop windows) and then directly controlled.

User-friendly Operation

As one of the first lighting suppliers we presented our Easy lighting control system at EuroShop 2014. Since then we have continuously developed this innovative and pioneering control system. The result is INspire. The most significant innovation is the graphical interface of the new app. The operating and user concept was developed together with experts for app design and enables intuitive operation. Many functions are clearly simplified, since a large part of the configuration runs in the background.


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