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Service Portfolio

Regular maintenance of the luminaires helps to maintain the quality of light and thus the presentation of the goods at a high level throughout the entire service life.

Every furnishing, every product, even the smallest detail is different in every sales room. And each one requires a customised lighting concept. You get this from us with a project process that has been successful for years. And with services that support individual demands.

Good lighting generates good sales. Regular maintenance of the lighting system helps to maintain the lighting quality and thus the presentation of merchandise at a high level throughout the entire service life.  Repair, cleaning and alignment are carried out by qualified personnel specially trained for Ansorg products. Thus our service can be carried out in high quality and on good terms and conditions.

Shortly after the company was founded, Renate and Ernst Ansorg understood that good service made a decisive contribution to the success of the lighting concept.  And today we offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of services that they can arrange as they like.

In close coordination with our customers we determine requirements and aims, develop an individual lighting concept, take care of installation and coordination with other trades and finally ensure perfect alignment of the light output. This project process ensures consistent quality while delivering a unique experience tailored to each salesroom.

With high demands on quality, we strive to provide our customers with perfect lighting effects and lasting value retention even after the sale. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services – from lighting planning and installation, to alignment of the luminaires and maintenance, to scene planning and configuration of the lighting control system. Thus you benefit fully from your investment for years to come.

Perfect light uses the entire spectrum. Good service as well.

Components of our Service Portfolio

Light planning

Conception of product presentation that sets your company apart from the competition. As part of lighting planning an individual lighting concept is developed, finely tuned to your wishes, target group, brand identity, merchandising, furnishing and architecture of the store.


  • Planning of the latest Ansorg luminaires
  • Creation of concept manuals
  • Training of visual merchandisers
  • Precise calculation of savings potential for transparent determination of the profitability of the investment


The construction times are significantly shortened by professionally trained, specialised personnel. After consultation, the installation of the bus bars, our luminaires and additional components is carried out by a qualified and specially trained service team. Thus we ensure quick and trouble-free commissioning.


  • Qualified service team of specialists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Quick response time
  • Reliable and safe installation


Alignment of the luminaires to always keep your merchandise in focus – even when there is a change in the VM and furniture. Alignment of the luminaires after installation is essential to achieve the desired and planned lighting effect. But even during operation, after minor reconstruction or a change of collection, it is essential to focus the light again on presentation of the merchandise.

  • professional alignment of luminaires according to the lighting concept for the best result
  • regular readjustment
  • change of reflectors as required
  • training for visual merchandisers and their employees

Scene planning

Regular development of a new direction for dynamic lighting scenes. Our lighting control system offers the option of defining dynamic scenarios. Depending on the lighting concept and the conditions on site, our lighting experts create a customised, dynamic lighting concept that draws the customer’s attention specifically to event and highlight areas.


  • Ansorg lighting control via INspire App
  • Individually adapted scene planning for obtaining greater attention
  • Design of up to three scenes included
  • Regular adaptation of the scenes to current


Your lighting control system is set up by trained personnel according to your requirements. A qualified service team ensures the reliable and smooth setup of the lighting control system and any additional components required. This saves valuable time and provides for quick and uncomplicated application.


  • Qualified service team of specialists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Quick implementation thanks to experts specially trained in the use of Ansorg luminaires, lighting control and components
  • On-site briefing and delivery tailored to the target group
  • Reliable and safe implementation of the lighting control system


Within an agreed period of time we take care of repairing failed lights. By agreement we offer you reliable support for your retail space, including maintenance, in order to guarantee optimum lighting results and the best energy efficiency.

  • Preventive and, if necessary, repair
  • Replacement using original products
  • Precise diagnosis with professional verification in the event of damage
  • Long service life and high reliability of the lighting system
  • Extended warranty thanks to maintenance by the service team


Reflectors are cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent the loss of light intensity. Within one to two years, the luminous flux is reduced by 10-15% simply through soiling of the luminaires. We counteract this by cleaning the reflectors and other accessories on a regular basis. Improved efficiency and lighting effect as a result of professional cleaning.


Leasing and hire-purchase options are available through our financial partner. Our leasing model functions in similar fashion to what is customary for vehicles. Our customers choose our lighting concept together with the defined luminaires and the scope of their service package. As with a car, it is recommended that the lighting system be serviced on a regular basis. This preserves your liquidity and makes it possible to convert the lighting on the basis of operational, schedulable costs.

  • Higher liquidity (OPEX vs. CAPEX view)
  • High predictability due to fixed monthly rental instalments
  • Low risk

Staff training

Alternatively or in addition to our services, your own employees can take over regular work and thus always place the product presentation in the best possible light. Our lighting experts convey the required knowledge directly at your premises. In this way, we ensure direct practical relevance within the scope of workshops on your sales floor and supplement it with important tips and tricks. Many concerns and inhibitions can be easily eliminated in this manner.

  • Training and development of your employees
  • Your merchandise always in the best light, independent of us
  • High amount of flexibility thanks to local employee knowledge