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Ansorg services deliver the best possible support

After a lighting system has been installed, perfect lighting scenarios and long-term value retention are immensely important. Our comprehensive portfolio of services makes custom offerings in every phase of the project possible.

Regular maintenance of the luminaires helps to maintain the quality of light and thus the presentation of the goods at a high level throughout the entire service life.

Repairs, reflector cleaning and aiming are carried out by qualified personnel who have received special training in Ansorg products. This guarantees the high quality of the service you receive and your complete satisfaction.

We know that speed, reliability and streamlined processes are key in the retail business. Our experienced project team guarantees the agile and efficient management of every single project.


And our interdisciplinary customer teams support the projects from start to finish – from the light planning brief, and development of luminaires to the pilot and professional roll-out phases. You always have a dedicated contact at Ansorg.

Our logistics processes are fast and streamlined and our central project management team, plus competent installation partners in our key markets, ensure your satisfaction, even in large-scale international roll-outs.

Partner for roll-outs

The use of efficient LED lights contributes to improving efficiency and saving energy. As a result of our holistic approach to planning lighting solutions they not only enhance the shopping experience but also have the effect of promoting sales. We consider all possible requirements, such as target group, brand identity, merchandising, store furnishings and architecture. The Ansorg lighting concepts guarantee maximum efficiency by incorporating no more luminaires than are actually required.


Our lighting design experts define all the parameters for an effective lighting concept. The special Ansorg project process includes the phases of analysis, planning/design, evaluation and implementation. We particularly focus on the emotional effect because light can subconsciously influence consumers and their purchase decisions. The combination of best-quality light and holistic planning produces sophisticated and sustainable solutions that promote sales.

Light planning concept

Services at a glance

The installation of power rails, lighting fixtures and additional components is generally performed by a local electrician. Ansorg can provide a qualified and specially trained service team if required.


Alignment of the luminaires after installation is essential to achieve the desired and planned lighting effect. But even during operation, after minor reconstruction or a change of collection, it is essential to focus the light again on presentation of the merchandise.


Your lighting control system is set up by trained personnel according to your requirements. Depending on the lighting concept and the conditions on site, our lighting experts create a customised, dynamic lighting concept that draws the customer’s attention specifically to event and highlight areas.


We offer you reliable support for your retail space, including maintenance, in order to guarantee optimum lighting results and the best energy efficiency.


Reflectors are cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent the loss of light intensity. Professional cleaning guarantees continuous high efficiency and optimum lighting. Take advantage of our special services.


Leasing and hire-purchase options are available through our financial partner. This preserves your liquidity and makes it possible to convert the lighting on the basis of operational, schedulable costs.


Qualified know-how about perfect merchandise illumination is a key success factor in the retail sector. Our lighting experts train your staff in the store to ensure they get plenty of practical experience. They also support your teams with specific tips and tricks to achieve the perfect lighting result.


Every industry, whether automotive, food, fashion, health & beauty or home store, has its own specific target group and product characteristics. Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

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