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Promise of Quality

Our brand and our products promise the highest quality and durability. We have this claim in mind every day and it is this claim that drives us.

We therefore rely on our own standards, which are higher than required and customary in the market. That is why we subject 100% of our luminaires to optical and electrical testing before delivery and constantly check and improve our production and development processes. In order to continuously improve, we regularly have processes, production and test facilities independently tested.

We go ahead to deliver the best possible result to our customers. Through quality agreements with our suppliers, we ensure the quality of all individual parts and select components conscientiously. Only certified, tested and high-quality components are used for an Ansorg luminaire.

We have confidence in the quality of our luminaires. We offer a 5-year warranty on all luminaires manufactured by Ansorg. All this so that you too can have confidence in the quality of our luminaires.


Once everything is perfect, we get down to the details.

Documents & Downloads

Certificate ISO 9001 Zertifikat_bsi_ISO_9001_EN.pdfPDF | 1.7 MB
Certificate Approved Place of Manifacture R16841_Certificate_Approved_Place_of_Manifacture.pdfPDF | 78.9 KB
Certificate of acceptance TDAP VDE_TDAP_CERTIFICATE_2023.pdfPDF | 154.8 KB