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Just a couple of clicks away from a new item of clothing – incredibly convenient. But sharing online shopping as an experience on social media or with friends? Much too boring. In times of digitalisation, however, this social aspect is becoming increasingly important.

This is good news for retailers who have to compete with the ever-growing world of eCommerce. They have a clear advantage here – if they focus on genuine experiences. “Real life” is their added value.

Those wanting to send their customers on a journey of discovery through their truly spectacular product display can feel and see exactly how this could work in the fashion space. Innovative details alone attract attention, such as Really shelving made from recycled textiles.

If you keep moving, you will quickly notice that things become more intimate towards the middle of the store, right in the centre. Every step immerses you deeper into the brand environment. 

At the centre, the atmosphere of the space blurs into a homely ambience. Room divisions, hang-out areas and a bar. The Multi-Lane ceiling system, product holders and lighting design allow you to easily react to situations.

The store can even be converted into a place where DJs play, performances are held or lectures take place. A cultural melting pot. Everything that is required for a brand experience and that can be subsequently shared both physically and digitally.

Above all, however, the fashion space represents a form of intimacy. A feeling of timelessness, where there is zero stress. Even the mediocre changing room becomes a special place. In the middle of the shopping jungle, the “Youzon” acts as a haven where customers can find privacy. Far away from media coverage, physical exertion and social communication.

And supported by meticulously customised, instantaneous and service-oriented consultations. The “Youzon” literally places the customer in the centre of their very own stage. Illuminated by favourable lighting that flatters them and their clothing. Turning a purchase into a feel-good moment.

Everything can be adapted and adjusted in line with the customer’s current state of mind. Always in focus: what makes them feel good? This function is key to continuously providing visitors with the desired level of comfort. The fact that the surroundings influence their mood is a crucial factor in the experience. The aim: to create a place of being.

The fact that the surroundings influence their mood is a crucial factor in the experience. The aim: to create a place of being.



Those wanting to make their life – and the world – a little better, know that sustainability in the food retail sector can achieve a great deal. Seasonal and organic. Regional and local.

Consumer awareness is constantly increasing and with it the longing for total transparency of production processes. Of course, in major cities in particular, it is increasingly a question of how to make transport routes even more efficient and even more transparent. The answer: produce directly on site and promote in-house cultivation.

The food space meets this desire for seamless producer traceability with a communal co-farming area. The highlight shown here is the value-creation chain which provides a glimpse behind each individual step. On personalised rented stalls, the mushroom “superfood” is cultivated, harvested and used to make various dishes.

Projected information also provide a detailed demonstration of the future of modern food procurement in urban contexts. They show what it means when food from agriculture comes “from next door”, as it were. And they offer customers real added value with recipes and tips for processing the products.

At its heart – the co-farming area – visitors and food experts exchange ideas directly on site. They share their knowledge of farming, food and eating. The food megatrend is also about holistic thinking.

Information, for example about the producer of the respective food, can also be obtained from the Qubo systems that are equipped with electronic self-labelling devices. In addition, each section features individual lighting according to the situation, so that the prevailing mood – trustworthy and healthy – is illuminated in a supportive manner.

The Navo luminaire in the aisle ensures perfect customer guidance. During their voyage of discovery, the accentuated light helps shoppers feel comfortable. And lighting also plays an important role in the analogue service discussion and expert consultation. Communication, trust, sympathy – all these factors depend on good, healthy lighting.

Experimentation and creativity at their best – at all levels. All for the benefit of a better world for consumers. And ultimately also for the benefit of a healthier human race.

All for the benefit of a better world for consumers. And ultimately also for the benefit of a healthier human race.



Your inner self determines your outer appearance. The beauty segment is also increasingly incorporating this into its philosophy, integrating spa, healthcare and meditation elements into its shop concepts.

Those who continue to pursue this holistic theory quickly realise that they have to offer customers specific services. People want to be guided – sometimes even thrown into certain surroundings. They want to once again understand what is going on – in the sense of mindful contexts. Especially when it comes to inner peace and serenity in rapidly-moving times such as these.

As a symbol of this rapid pace, invisible systems can be used to react to changing situations in store. For example, a new world can very easily be created in the shop by means of different shelving.

And the idea is that those wanting to take a little time to rediscover themselves can initially recharge their batteries from the inside out and gather new strength to naturally enhance their outward appearance. Visitors will therefore find a “detox room” in the beauty space that invites them to do just that: relax and recharge.

Architecturally, this is a very special place. Designed as a sculpture with an interior that’s covered with felted lambswool. Body and mind feel comforted the moment you enter. Any background noise is absorbed, especially by the deep-pile carpet.

Calming white-noise sounds and the detox light help you switch off even further. The lighting effect produces a kind of projected “breathing” image. The inhaling and exhaling rhythm, derived from an elephant’s breathing, should last for more than ten seconds. As should the yoga exercise Pranayama, which makes you aware of your own breathing, calming both body and mind.

Visitors enjoy a holistic treatment “along the way”. They are soothed in this vacuum of wellbeing, before finally reapplying themselves, at will, to the task in hand: shopping.

This spatial centrepiece supports probably the most important idea in the beauty sector: that beauty is closely linked to mindfulness, lifestyle and attitude.

Visitors enjoy a holistic treatment “along the way”.



At a time when a car is no longer a status symbol, the mobility sector has to engage a lot more with its customers. It needs to offer them compelling reasons for a positive purchasing decision. New ways of getting around are constantly being considered. Dramatic for the car industry, yet necessary, these are centred on the switch from owning your own car to mobility concepts.

A holistic approach is of course important here too: for the future of our world and mankind. But the future also includes the possibility of travelling from A to B effortlessly and at any time. This means that the form and specification of the vehicle alone are no longer decisive. It is much more a question of how a passenger feels when getting into a car.

Sitting in a motorised cocoon, passengers ultimately want to connect with the surroundings rushing by. Travelling through the city and across country, they want to experience what is going on outside, while protected in the inside.

Visitors can experience a much more abstract and unique moment in the mobility space. In the truest sense.

You literally immerse yourself in the central sculpture that is reminiscent of an abstract driver’s cab. When looking up at the ceiling and out to the side, you will see videos featuring various driving scenes that simulate the outside world.

Behind you is the bustling city. Above you the leaf canopy of the forest, coastal roads, the vast expanse of sky. Over there is the sea, somewhere – always the horizon.

The exciting thing here: the projected video images match the state of mind of the visitor who previously saved their current mood on a token. This customised experience is full of emotion, thereby subtly creating a link between a certain attitude to life and the brand.

This is also ensured by the instant configuration. This has long been possible online, but not with the accompanying tactile experience. An artistic approach is used, featuring sculptures inspired by car parts, covered with the respective mobility fabrics, as well as extended colour palettes. Customers can take a close look at every eventuality. All securely attached with the stable Mono system. The accentuated lighting from a great height perfectly showcases colours and textures and gives metals a shiny appearance.

In the mobility space, simulation creates an all-encompassing experience that skilfully conveys true added value.

In the mobility space, simulation creates an all-encompassing experience that skilfully conveys true added value.