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Food is coming home

Throughout the ages inner-city identities have always been in a process of change. After a lengthy epoch characterised by ‘fashion’ and global uniformity, we are now seeing a renaissance of fresh and characterful everyday products in the city centre retail scene. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a catalytic effect on this development. Outmoded structures are making way for new products that offer the creative scope to redefine our cities, and this is happening at a breath-taking pace. Retailers are scaling their businesses, migrating from the suburbs back to the centre and defining new retail concepts.

New change has been particularly evident in the food retail sector, where a variety of new concepts have been rolled out.

  • All kinds of food stores, from redefined convenience stores with a personal service to clustered space concepts and curated product assortments,
  • as well as traditional supermarkets.

They are setting up stores in premium locations to diversify the city centre shopping experience with a market-like feel. With their coordinated product ranges they appeal to interesting customer groups such as city households, single households, professionals and commuters.

The move into the city centre is a step that food specialists, who have perfected their suburb retail concepts over the past few decades, cannot take without the support of an expert partner. Before roll-out concepts can be transferred and scaled it is essential to consider all the potential pitfalls so that the retailer is guaranteed consistent brilliance, whether they have a tiny store with an irregular layout and low ceilings or an open-fronted cubeshaped unit in a shopping mall.


Ansorg has been an inner city expert for over 65 years

Individual lighting design

Over the past 65 years Ansorg has become an expert in empathetic and superior lighting design concepts that perfectly frame the customer journey. A professional lighting concept always adapts the central ideal to the local and regional situation. Ansorg incorporates spotlights into the concepts that have been developed and perfected as efficient lighting tools over the decades. And if need be, we can develop custom solutions and special products.


Ansorg’s international projects, from discount food store roll-out in Australia to custom-designed experience supermarket, have added to its food showcasing expertise in all kinds of scenarios. It creates holistic lighting stories based on many years of experience in city retail lighting projects and explicit know-how on the effective accentuation of regular changing food merchandising displays with light. Light can capture the attention of efficiency-focused commuters, create a sense of calm and concentration in a cramped check-out zone and accentuate specific product ranges at different times of the day to reflect consumer requirements.


Ansorg has expertise in all kinds of food retail environments

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As a custom lighting expert, Ansorg continuously monitors relevant changes and future trends to provide retailers with new ideas for lighting concepts that are designed to promote sales in existing retail properties. At the same time, the concepts improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

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