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Return of Light

The future of efficiency. We have defined a new performance indicator for the measurement of lighting efficiency based on our retail lighting expertise.

There’s only one direction for us when it comes to our customers: forward. As the architects of retail lighting we are committed to the continuous optimisation of our luminaires. One particular development focus is reflectors and, for that reason, every single one of our reflectors is developed by our in-house design team. For more than 9 years now we have been using 3D facet reflectors because they produce the best quality of light.

In addition to their sophisticated light blending function, these reflectors are also exceptionally efficient. There are two methods of gauging efficiency.

How are ROL and LOR different?

The story of Return of Light (ROL)

How did we come to define Return of Light as the new measure of efficient retail lighting? The brilliant illumination of products has always been our main priority. It’s easy to describe, but difficult to measure and verify. We came up with a new concept by taking an interdisciplinary approach. Light guidance also plays an important role in diamonds. The quality of a diamond depends on the “4 Cs”:

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Carats

The cut is the only factor that can be influenced by humans. It’s what gives the diamond its distinctive brilliance. The right proportions and arrangement of the facets allow them to reflect the light and make the diamond sparkle. A diamond with an ideal cut reflects light from one facet to another and then back out through the table (the top of the diamond). If the cut is too deep or shallow the light is reflected out through the bottom or side parts of the stone, giving it a dull appearance.

Our reflector facets perform the same function as the cut of a diamond. In other words, the reflector can only deliver an excellent quality of light that makes the products “sparkle” if it has the perfect cut.

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Every industry, whether automotive, food, fashion, health & beauty, or home store, has its own target group and product-specific features. These are incorporated into our planning just as naturally as your wishes and aims.  Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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