Lighting knowledge

End-of-aisle displays

The end-of-aisle display is the aisle and sometimes even the department ambassador. This highlight area in the store is a preview to the sales story on the aisles behind, so it should be treated as an in-store shop window rather than just storage space. The illumination concept for the end-of-aisle display plays an important role in persuading the customer to enter the aisle.

Three-dimensionality is an important factor in achieving optimum end-of-aisle illumination. The writing on posters and labels has to be clearly legible and glare free without impairing the overall brilliance. When selecting the ideal positions for the spotlights, a balance has to be found between minimum dazzle for the customer and maximum, shadow-free light penetration into the shelves. The flatter the beam of light emitted from the end-of-aisle luminaire, the deeper it can penetrate into the shelf. However, this increases the risk of the light shooting past the end-of-aisle display into the aisle and annoying or dazzling the customer.

Products tend to look more three dimensional when they are illuminated from a greater distance. This is further enhanced by the use of two rather than just one spotlight to illuminate the end-of-aisle display. Different light colours and reflector variations, from narrow-beam super spots to medium flood reflectors, can provide additional accentuation. The end-of-aisle display lighting concept should, store structure permitting, make the aisle ends visible from a distance to support customer orientation. The light story has to provide a visual highlight that persuades the customer to invest time and energy in visiting the aisle.