Edeka Adebahr, Herzogenrath


EDEKA Adebahr
Sales area
1.935 m²
Interior design
Georg Heger
Shop fitting
Planungsgruppe Rhein-Ruhr
Lighting & Lighting design
Energy consumption
13 W/m²
Iqona IMT, Navo NLT, Punta PSR, Maxx MMD, Lizzy, Piazza



EDEKA Adebahr has made a new investment in the refurbishment of the 120-year-old building housing his EDEKA store. With the structural restoration of the former bus and streetcar depot in Herzogenrath, the family entrepreneur hoped to adapt the shopping experience to higher customer expectations. The architectural features such as open ceilings of up to eight metres in height, exposed original steel girders, partitioning pillars, brickwork and old window arches on the side made it particularly challenging to develop a lighting concept that worked for the entire store.

It was possible to achieve the visual impression of more space by installing the luminaires around one metre higher than usual, at a height of 4.20 metres. Power rails running in the same direction of the aisles supported this effect. The lighting experts managed to illuminate the store as a whole without shadowing by dispensing with linear lighting systems and using adjustable reflector luminaires for the targeted illumination of the aisles and shelves.

Ansorg minimised light scattering in the supermarket’s main aisles and peripheral zones for maximum emphasis by suspending double directional washers at a height of 3 metres. Additional spotlights were used to create various highlights.

»Hardly anything in the 1,935 sqm store had anything in common with a traditional supermarket. At the same time, the owner had very ambitious lighting design requirements.«

Yvonne Frölich, Head of Lighting Design at Ansorg

Edeka Adebahr, Herzogenrath
Kaiserstraße 131
Deutschland Kohlscheid

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