Glorea. Brilliance Everywhere

Glorea. Brilliance Everywhere


With Glorea, Ansorg is launching a revolutionary lighting solution that combines deep brilliance with high range over the entire area like no other luminaire. The new lighting solution redefines standards in terms of simplicity of planning and use as well as maximum area flexibility with brilliant light.

Retail lighting with a new impact: 7in1 technology

The innovative Glorea luminaire from Ansorg was developed with a completely new approach to light control. The patented pending technology creates an overlapping mesh of directed light that could otherwise only be produced by seven individually adjusted spotlights instead of one Glorea. This provides unique and brilliant illumination of the entire store, allowing flexible utilisation of the space. Product presentations can therefore be changed seasonally or in line with promotions without having to adjust the lighting every time. Glorea offers high efficiency with over 130lm/W and excellent colour rendering (CRI 90).

Intelligent light distribution in a flexible lighting grid: for efficient and flexible planning

The flexibility of the systematic yet tolerant lighting grid enables uncomplicated planning and reliable implementation for brilliant area lighting. Glorea can be used for the entire area or for specific areas and can be combined with other luminaires in the lighting concept. The unique light distribution of the Glorea enables the lighting concept to be implemented in a flexible grid regardless of the architecture, furnishings, store design or positioning of the goods. Time-consuming adjustments such as readjusting the light, repositioning or replanning are completely eliminated with Glorea. Glorea is available as a pendant, recessed and semi-recessed luminaire and can be used regardless of the type and height of the ceiling. Retailers with many branches benefit in particular: the lighting concept can be implemented uniformly in all stores.

Glorea makes an impact in terms of sustainability and cost-effectiveness

Glorea convinces sustainably and economically. The energy consumption of the lighting solution is minimised: the effectiveness of the 7in1 technology, the greater longevity due to the flexible use and the lower material, production and installation costs contribute to a significantly smaller CO2 footprint.

Total costs and operating expenses can be reduced by up to 25%. The high-quality product lighting also generates noticeable benefits in the customer journey and sales promotion with tangible results in sales. Glorea is not only an innovative lighting solution, but also a significant step towards sustainable and economical lighting in the retail sector.

Lighting solution for the changing retail sector

Glorea is the innovative lighting solution for the changing retail sector: from looking at the store in terms of square metres to seeing it as a stage that impresses with the experiences it delivers. Glorea offers a lighting solution for this transformation that brilliantly showcases the store and its merchandise without the expense of readjustments. Glorea is relevant for almost all stationary retailers, from department stores and car showrooms to fashion stores, furniture stores and many other applications.


Product information

Lighting technology:   LED

Material:                      Die-cast aluminum body

Power:                         38.7 W

Lumen class:               5130lm

Assembly:                   Recessed and semi-recessed luminaire, pendant
luminaire, power track

Design & production: Ansorg

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