Guiding Retail Light

Ansorg combines technical know-how with design standards and expertise in lighting design. We use these qualities for one purpose: the promotional staging of your merchandise with the help of design-oriented quality products, innovative lighting control and economical lighting technology.

Lighting knowledge

Return of Light

The future of efficiency. We have defined a new performance indicator for the measurement of lighting efficiency based on our retail lighting expertise.


Lizzy LMP

Our Lizzy model heralds a new era in suspended luminaires. It unites sophisticated and variational design with perfect quality of light. The highly flexible light module can be fitted with all standard lampshades. It can also be perfectly integrated in existing lighting concepts as a source of high-quality and flexibly adaptable retail light.

Lighting Knowledge

Lighting in Food Retail

A holistically integrated and optimally planned lighting concept is a fundamental element of the scenography guiding the customer journey.

Lighting knowledge

The aisle zone

The product aisles and the main aisles are more than just the shortest path between product displays. They are customer zones and, as such, they create a connection between the store and the guest.

Lighting Knowledge

Inner city food concepts

After a lengthy epoch characterised by ‘fashion’ and global uniformity, we are now seeing a renaissance of fresh and characterful everyday products in the city centre retail scene


We specialise in the design of innovative luminaires and lighting solutions for the retail sector.


Navo 4.0

The most compact and
flexible aisle lighting system

Service & Consulting

Lighting Design

Our experienced employees work with you to develop a sales-promoting lighting concept that puts your brand in the limelight there where it is experienced.


Iqona – the flexible luminaire for future retail lighting is already available today.


SuperBioMarkt, Münster

Food magnificently staged and first supermarket with Counter Light, which places the focus on the staff.



Custom designs

We’re passionate about custom-made retail lighting solutions. And those solutions encompass far more than just the lighting concept. We collaborate closely with our customers, or with designers, architects and planners, to develop individual, technically coordinated solutions. 


Kremer Garden Centre, Lennestadt

Here the garden awakens and plants become an experience.


SEAT & CUPRA volume marques on Düsseldorf’s ‘Auto Mile’

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Ansorg reveals a luxury lighting concept at the Sara Group’s flagship showroom in Dubai

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