Lighting knowledge

The aisle zone

To ensure that the light in a retail outlet can deliver its full fascination potential and sales-promoting function, it has to be finely applied, well planned and properly directed. Each product group has its own special features and its own requirements of colour rendition, dimensionality, brilliance, replication of structure and product protection.

The product and main aisles are more than just the shortest path between product presentations. They’re a customer zone and, as such, they create a connection between the store and the guest. They are key components of the sales story with the power to control the speed at which customers walk and the pauses they take. Aisle zones are also social meeting places, so they need appropriate lighting.

Most lighting concepts perform the basic function of making the products visible to the customer and guiding them through the store. It can also be a very difficult task to create the optimum lighting scenario for very different product categories.

At the same time, the overall lighting concept has to be geared to the customer journey. Each product zone is a different chapter in the shopping experience and has to be staged appropriately, optimised in terms of welcoming qualities and potential social interaction.

The following application demonstrates the different lighting concepts for aisle zones and how our lighting products can be used to create specific effects and atmospheres.

Aisle zones have the power to control the speed at which customers walk and where they pause.

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