Lighting knowledge

The aisle zone

The product aisles and the main aisles are more than just the shortest path between product displays. They are customer zones and, as such, they create a connection between the store and the guest. They are key components of the sales story with the power to control the speed at which customers walk and the pauses they take.

Aisles are also social meeting places, so they need appropriate lighting that isn’t merely recycled product presentation lighting. The function of light in the aisle zone is to make customers and staff look good. Clear cut proportions, good three-dimensionality, bright eyes and shadow-free faces contribute to democratic feel-good zones that encourage communication and convey a sense of security. Three-dimensionality is important to the perception of the other person as vibrant and charming. The lighting should not make the facial shadows look harsher, otherwise the eyes will appear sunken in their sockets or the appearance of the nose will be changed. Although it is important that the eyes look bright, the light shouldn’t make the skin appear shiny.